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Comparison between AI and Brain

On September 22nd, 2023, we held a special meeting titled “TED evening” with 4 ardent members.

At first, we watched this video. After that, we shared our views based on this video.

In this video, the speaker focused on the processes of AI and our brains. Even if outputs are the same, the processes are different. She carefully analyzed the differences and similarities between them. Also, she shared attractive stories and examples to entertain the audience with simple and plain words.

We analyzed her speech meticulously in light of vocabulary, contents, storyline, delivery, and so on. For example, her speech is comfortable even for Japanese English learners. We analyzed the reasons for this carefully.

Some members pointed out her humbleness. Of course, current AI models are too complicated, AI isn’t omnipotent, and AI has been growing and changing exceptionally rapidly. Analyzing AI is too difficult even for experts and her analysis might be just the current one. She is an actual AI expert. Thus, perhaps she has to consider many complicated matters therefore she has to be humble. However, humbleness might be contrary to attractiveness. She might have made great efforts to make the story attractive.

9月22日にメンバー4名で“TED evening”と称する特別例会を開催しました。









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