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Dominant Expert

On October 25th, 2023, we held a regular meeting with 8 members and 1 regular friendly and talkative guest and 1 guest.

In this meeting, as usual, we learned a lot of technical matters and personal observations from each other.

We looked back at our carriers and reconsidered our future carriers from the first prepared speech. Then, we deep dove into inventions and patents of outer space objects from an expert of this field in the second speech. There are many concerns relating to such patents such as the territorial principle. Outer space isn’t the territory of any country because of the Outer Space Treaty. Miraculously, we have an expert in the outer space field. He published a technical paper of this field and might be one of the most famous experts in this field. Matters of outer space objects are not so common even for many patent attorneys but we luckily had a chance to learn such minor technical matters.








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