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Exciting FY2022 has begun!

We held our first regular meeting of FY2022!

The meeting started with a greeting by new President Toastmaster Kentaro-san.

This meeting was different from the usual ones. Toastmasters members will give speeches according to a program called Pathways. Usually the speeches are about 7 minutes long, but this time, due to the Pathways, there were two special speeches in addition to the usual ones.

The first was a speech in which, after the speeches were over, we dared to ask the speaker a question that was difficult to answer, in order to cultivate the ability to respond in a flexible manner.

The second was a panel discussion session in which participants discussed with three panelists. The theme of the panel discussion was "Do the right thing," and each panelist answered and discussed what they thought was the logical way to make a decision. It was a very informative regular meeting, as everyone has his or her own method of decision-making.

CHIZAI Toastmasters is mainly attended by people who work in the intellectual property industry or are interested in intellectual property.

If you are interested, please contact us!




もう一つは、パネルディスカッションとして3名のパネラーとディスカッションをするセッションを行いました。パネルディスカッションでは「Do the right thing」のお題で、パネラー各自が考える論理的な意志決定の方法について答えて議論をしました。意志決定の方法は人それぞれなので、大変勉強になる定例会でした。


CHIZAI Toastmastersは主に知的財産の業界で働いている人や、知的財産に興味のある人が参加しております。






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