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How CHIZAI works

We found an interesting sentence in "How Google works" by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg: "People always say they don't have the time to read, but what they are really saying is that they aren't making it a priority to learn as much as they can about their business." We think this is true of learning by two-way communication. CHIZAI Toastmasters is an excellent place to learn "real" communication in English and run into new idea about intellectual property. We always welcome a guest. Please contact us!

Eric SchmidtとJonathan Rosenbergによる『How Google works』に興味深い文を見つけました。「いつも忙しくて読書できないと言う人は、本当は仕事ほど学びを優先していないと言っているに等しい。」このことは双方向のコミュニケーションを通じた学びにも当てはまると思います。知財トーストマスターズは「本物」の英語コミュケーションを学び、知財に関する新しいアイデアに出会える素晴らしい場です。ゲストはいつでも歓迎します。いつでもお問い合わせください!





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