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"Woman in Patents" returns


Inspired by the fantastic presentation by Charu last March, Takuya Izumi shared the findings based on his very interesting research on "Gender gap in patenting in Japan". According to his preliminary findings, female participation as an inventor has been increasing whereas its stagnant share in PCT national phase applications is caused by the increased share of applications in traditionally less female participating fields. Increasing shares of women who pass the patent attorney bar and who study science and engineering in the universities are hopeful signs for future.

In the subsequent discussion, the participants shared their views, experiences and valuable insights on this issue. Importance of childhood environment and contact with science and technologies was emphasized. One of the most impressive comments was that if we consciously avoid using terms that are commonly used by only one side, it would facilitate communications and understandings. For example, avoid borrowing the term "punt" from the American male sport of football — as in “Let’s punt this idea for now.” Would all Japanese female readers know what this means? Instead, say "Let’s give up on this idea for now and wait until a better chance comes.”

昨年3月のCharuさんによる素晴らしいプレゼンテーションに触発され、Takuya Izumiさんが、「日本の特許におけるジェンダーギャップ」について非常に興味深い研究成果を発表してくださいました。現時点で彼が発見したところでは、女性の発明者としての参加は増加しており、PCT国内出願全体に占める比率の停滞は、他の伝統的に女性の参加が少ない分野への出願の割合が増加しているためであるとのことです。弁理士試験に合格する女性の割合及び大学で科学技術を学ぶ女性の割合も増加しており、将来に向けて明るい兆しが認められます。






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