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Involving Newcomers

On November 22nd, 2023, we held a regular meeting with 9 members and 2 regular guests.

In the prepared speech session, first, a member working for a machinery company shared an interesting and beneficial story for those who are involved in the IP industry, he experienced in China. Protecting IP rights is not so simple. We have to consider many things such as the size of the infringer and the relationship with the infringer.

Second, we learned how to utilize AI to enhance our productivity from an experienced patent attorney with a pioneer spirit. He seems to have already utilized cutting edge AI tools and mentioned wonderful ideas relating to them. We have to be involved with and compete with such tools more in the future. According to him, our future will be brighter if we catch up with such tools effectively.

Also, the founder of this club shared concerns and achievements relating to 2 way communication skills. He is severely worried that most Japanese shy away from communicating with others at international conferences or something. He decided to share achievements of this club outside. He shared the summary of his plan. We can improve such skills by being involved with this club. Some members seem to have developed their skills significantly.

Those fascinating speeches and achievements would involve newcomers more.










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