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Is stress your friend?

We watched the TED video, "How to make stress your friend" and discuss her delivery of speech and how her argument is convincing. We all agreed that she was an excellent public speaker. It is good to watch. But some did not agree to her argument 100%. Anyway, it is good to have discussion on a topic outside our expertise.

"How to make stress your friend"というTEDビデオを見て、スピーチ手法と彼女の主張について議論しました。彼女が優れたスピーカーであることで一致しました。見ると良いと思います。他方で、彼女の主張に100%同意できないという人もいました。いずれにしても、自分の専門外の話題について議論することはいいですね。




We watched "Vertical farms could take over the world | Hard Reset by Freethink" and chatted about it. Our TED evening is something like evaluation of Toastmasters. A speaker in an online video is a mo

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