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To Hold a Candle to Competitive Speakers

On May 15th, 2024, we conducted a regular meeting with 10 members and one honorable guest.

First speaker shared his view about scalping. We tend to cherish the concept of the free market. But nowadays sometimes the concept is hacked by scalpers. If essential goods are bought out from the market by them, our lives would become inconvenient and insecure.

He concisely shared the problem and profoundly convinced us.

Second speaker described the aspects and importance of inclusion with the story of his son’s mini basketball experience. The members of the mini basketball team are not professional, thus the skills of the members are widely varied. But, all of them have to participate in games more than the minimum required time according to the rule. Considering these kinds of matters, patience would be one of the important keys to implement inclusion.

We were overwhelmed by his ability to create attractive narratives based on daily activities as usual. 

Third speaker was the special guest, who won the Area J2 speech contest this term. He strongly stressed the importance and attractiveness of making speeches without scripts. He actually tore a script and told his experience and thoughts from the bottom of heart.

Also, in the following question and answer session, he kindly and sincerely answered frank and tough questions from the members. His speech and answers have powerfully kindled our motivation to join the future speech contests and  make speeches more natural by not using scripts.












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